Saturday, December 24, 2016

AntiChrist The Jesus "is Jesus the antiCrist?" seriously

AntiChrist The Jesus
"is Jesus the antiCrist?"

Joshua LaPlante More than likely cuz the world's gone nuts
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Margus Meigo suspected so, the Nut's part, for whole of this new time keeping time specially
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Joshua LaPlante Time is a illusion so I do not comprehend my friend

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Joshua LaPlante Christ says hi none the less
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Joshua LaPlante Enjoy your Xmas
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Margus Meigo for sure it is not illusion, as water is not illusion, but there is many way's to use it, many forms.. some can just look, some dive in... some breath in it and some skate on it.. but it is definitely real, just not mandatory (the time, ...about water, well, that might be mandatory for Carbon ones, even others like it i assume)
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Margus Meigo for example, money is also not illusion, but it can be needed, can be used and can newer be used and there can be no difference , just usually is , in places where is
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Margus Meigo Earth is not illusion, but it can be, for going to much in our out from ground, various way's
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Margus Meigo women is not illusion, but what we know about her, might as well be
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Joshua LaPlante When Christ says that time is a illusion.

Next time you may want to listen.
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Margus Meigo well, for Christ, but he kind of did not know, that there is more to comprehend
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Joshua LaPlante Forgetting time is the beginning of understanding enlightenment
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Joshua LaPlante Be the moment my friend
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Margus Meigo Forgetting time, is beginning of forgetting Your loved ones who are still in time
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Joshua LaPlante That's silly.

Love is infinite
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Margus Meigo yes, but Crist was nor the love nor the time, so silly was someone, for not making sure, that humans know the plants God made for knowing time and love.
i not telling who it is
but i assume, we might have suspect
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Margus Meigo perhaps love is like time, infinite only if You go around...
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Margus Meigo and to anyone who thinks, time is illusion, i recommend stop going to bathroom
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Joshua LaPlante Remember.

Christ tried to teach you something and you did not listen.
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Margus Meigo I try to teach Crist to get some pussy, wonder did he pick up on that
God commandment
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Joshua LaPlante That's my point. You apply time to the physical world.

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Margus Meigo okey, what else kind of world You wish to apply time to ?
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Margus Meigo every tool and technology is for what it is for
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Margus Meigo but can be used, for more, at times.